Why More Parents Prefer to Send Their Kids to an IGCSE Homeschool?

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These days parents in Malaysia are choosing to send their children to an IGCSE homeschool. This doesn’t come as a surprise — as kids who are homeschooled receive more personal attention and generally tend to perform better.

In fact, IGCSE homeschools in Malaysia offer many benefits that give your kid an edge over the kids in public schools.

Homeschooling is the education received in learning centres different from the formal setting. The kids are usually taught by qualified private teachers or tutors. Homeschooling allows the teachers to better shape the children’s learning experience.

Even though the homeschools stick to the government regulations in their respective states, tutors can still tailor the homeschool environment to meet the needs of individual students by using specific methods of teaching that are most suitable for the kids.

Apart from the fact that kids who are homeschooled usually perform better, another reason why more parents are choosing IGCSE homeschools is that they might be dissatisfied with the traditional public schools believing that the school does not offer the kids a conducive learning environment.


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Other reasons parents prefer IGCSE homeschools in Malaysia include:

– The safety of their kids as well as the positive influence of other kids on their own. This is because the kids are closely watched by the teachers, so that bad behavior will not be tolerated.

– The size of the class is just right — enough for each kid to get individualized attention and instruction from the tutor.

– The rich curriculum (including the IGCSE curriculum) and teaching methodology used in homeschools.

– Gifted kids, as well as children with special needs, are welcomed and adequately cared for.

– The learning environment is created to suit the needs of individual kids.

– Parents also prefer homeschoolers because it allows them to have an active role in their kids’ education, thereby creating a closer bond with the kids.

– Homeschools allow the parents to accommodate their work or travel schedules.


Tutors spend extra time helping their children develop any unique talents they possess, including musical, athletic, etc.

Furthermore, the IGCSE homeschools in Malaysia provides classes for students who are preparing for the IGCSE examinations. The classes are taught using the IGCSE syllabus and are taught in English.

This is provided through a platform that is very useful for the students as they engage in active learning and a rich curriculum that helps them to learn more effectively.

Homeschooling gives the kids the confidence they need to sit for the IGCSE examination because they are taught using the IGCSE syllabus and are allowed to learn at their pace until they fully understand a subject.

Therefore, if you expect your kid to sit for the IGCSE examination, homeschooling in Malaysia is the best option for your child to get proper guidance from qualified and experienced tutors.


What You Need to Know about IGCSE Malaysia

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1. Two examination boards offer IGCSE

Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge Assessment International Education offer the IGCSE. But, the Cambridge version is commonly provided in Malaysia.


2. Over 70 IGCSE subjects are offered

International schools can select from over 70 IGCSE subjects and offer them in any combination to their students. The students have to take a minimum of five subjects in addition to mandatory subjects.


3. Examinations are administered twice a year

The IGCSE examinations are written twice a year — May and October.


4. IGCSE Malay is now available as a subject

The Cambridge Assessment International Education has added IGCSE First Language Malay to their list of subjects.


Finally, if you decide that sending your kids to homeschool is the best choice, ensure that you do your research to find out everything you need to know about the school. For more information, please feel free to get in touch with our helpful counsellors via our website.

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