How is Homeschooling in Malaysia Different from Other Countries?

homeschooling in malaysia vs other countries

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Homeschooling in Malaysia and around the world offers an exciting and successful approach to a child’s learning and has gained a reputation, not just in Malaysia but across the globe.

It was estimated that in 2019, between 90,000 to 130,000 kids were homeschooled in the UK, and homeschooling contributes about 3.4% (over 2 million students) to the education of students in the United States of America.

In Malaysia, more parents are now opting to educate their children via the homeschooling system as an alternative to sending their children to regular schools.

However, there is a vast difference between the homeschooling system in Malaysia and other countries. From location to instructors, the medium of instruction, extra-curricular activities and more.

So, how is homeschooling in Malaysia different from other countries?


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1. Learning centres

Unlike other countries, Malaysia has homeschooling centres explicitly built to educate kids. The centres could also be a home that is converted for homeschooling purposes.

The homeschools in Malaysia can take as many students as possible when the right number of instructors are available — to ensure every student receives the attention they need.

In other countries like the UK and the US, homeschooling is more of a family thing where the child is educated at home by his or her parents without the help or assistance of an external tutor.


Maplewood homeschooling kids : kindergarten

2. Enrolment age

In Malaysia, kids at the age of six can be enrolled in a good and affordable homeschool. Starting at such an early age will help the child finish earlier than his or her peers in public schools who have to wait until they’re seven. When a child is sixteen, he or she will be ready to get into any higher institution of their choice.

In other countries, like in the United States of America, homeschooling usually starts at the age of five or in a grade equivalent to at least kindergarten but not higher than 12th grade.



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3. Medium of Instruction

The private homeschools in Malaysia use the English language as a medium of instruction. However, the students are also encouraged to speak the national language.

The subject itself is taught in Malaysian homeschools to ensure the student become more proficient in the language. This can be useful if the kid is aiming to go to a university abroad (especially to an English speaking nation).

The medium of instruction used in the homeschools of other countries would be their national language, which is English for the US and Uk or any other English speaking nation. Other countries could also deploy their national language if their curriculum permits.


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4. Teachers

Malaysian homeschools are equipped with qualified teachers who can teach every subject that a child needs to learn at different stages of their education journey. Sometimes, each class can have more than one instructor — the primary instructor and his or her assistant.

The homeschools in other countries usually have one instructor, which is either the mother or father or both. However, when a parent isn’t proficient in a particular topic or subject, they can use the help of another relative who understands the subject.


maplewood extra co-curriculum activity

5. Extracurricular activities and IGCSE

IGCSE homeschools in Malaysia often follow both national and international curricula, such as the IGCSE and Cambridge primary education. These programs are an added advantage for children who want to study abroad. Moreover, the kids get involved with extra-curricular activities that help them achieve a well-rounded education.

Homeschools, especially in America, do not follow the IGCSE curriculum when educating their kids at home. They have a unique curriculum they follow or use the national curriculum. However, they also get their kids involved in extra-curricular activities such as soccer, piano lessons, or travels.


In a Nutshell

The homeschooling system in Malaysia is different from other countries, as it mostly depends on what the education board of each nation or the homeschool management proposes. The system has continued to gain momentum and popularity amongst families across the country, as home-schooled students display their success, both academically and socially. For more information, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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Mapplewood Academy class session

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