Our Approach

Develop Critical Mindset

Our approach at Maplewood Academy set us apart by acknowledging that in the real world, there’s a lot more to life than just grades on paper.  For students to have every chance of success from an academic perspective,  we aim to inspire every one of our students to find the opportunities that will further their own lifestyles effectively.

We help our students see the world from numerous angles, ensuring that they can think critically and outside the box. This may have helped many of our past students achieve the necessary tertiary education grades while simultaneously setting them on the right path for their lives.

We teach numerous crucial skills to our learners, including empathy, compassion, care, and respect. We dream that our students will one day help make positive changes in their local communities.

How We Do It

Promoting New Skills for our Students

Our students represent the heart of our operations, and through our CLS (Learner Skills) program membership, this is something we never compromise on. Our friendly staff help every learner discover a curiosity for the world, while simultaneously urging them to grow their fascination and curiosity for the world around them. We aim to help every student acquire the skills they need to embrace life’s difficulties and challenges and turn them into excellent opportunities instead.

Building Character and Personality

We’re all unique people – and as such, every one of our students should have the chance to build their very own character and personality, in our opinion. We strive for character building through school-wide events, which can help engage and enthrall listeners accordingly.

Holistic Teaching

We strongly believe that holistic teaching methods are among the most effective ways to build character among our students. Doing so can significantly bolster our students’ self-confidence levels, happiness, and motivation.

House System

In the real world, teamwork is a vitally important skill – which is something we aim to encourage in our students. Our house system instills a sense of community between other house members, while providing a gentle rivalry that helps inspire students to be the best they can be. Each house competes for collected points, and the efforts of every single student make a significant difference to the final number of points achieved for good work. It’s a simple concept that helps students develop accountability for their actions and inspires feelings of camaraderie and teamwork.

Charitable Activities

Here at Maplewood Academy, we firmly believe that everyone has the right to excellent opportunities – and we’re confident that our charitable activities could help other people experience the opportunities they deserve. As part of their learning and development, our students visit charitable causes, such as orphanages and homes for the elderly, to help ensure they understand the concepts of empathy and caring for others; this also allows them to bring a little joy to the lives of other people, too.

Performances and Productions

We think that there’s more to education than just grades alone – and with this thought in mind, we encourage all of our students to engage where they can in our performances and productions. Moreover, we assess numerous productions on other topics to help inspire healthy, happy lifestyle in our students, giving them the opportunities they need to grow into well-rounded, independent young people.

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