Learning From Home During COVID-19 Outbreak: Tips & Tricks

learning from home

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Malaysian schools, at different levels, are now physically closed to help contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. The closure became necessary, not just to slow down the spread, but to also help prevent overloading the hospitals with COVID-19 cases. For parents who will be working from home during this period, here are some useful tips and tricks to effectively work and take care of your kids.  

1. Keep a routine

Even the simplest change in a daily routine can be stressful for everyone. Therefore, it is crucial to discuss with your kids about why everyone will be at home during this time, and what the new routine will look like. Talk about your work — the time you’ll spend each day working, coffee breaks, etc. Also, discuss their schoolwork with them. Let them know that school will now be conducted via lessons by their teachers, over the internet.  

2) Keep activities simple

Keep in mind that online lessons during this time are to help keep them acquainted with school activities and also progress their learning instead of just staying idle or playing all through the MCO period. It’s a good idea to keep every other activity simple. In a bid to occupy them with other activities (school or non-school related), keeping it less tasking will make them concentrate on the activity, allowing you the time and concentration you need to work.  

3) Use the resources available to you

There’s no point in trying to develop a new syllabus for your kids. Leverage on the curriculum and syllabus that the homeschool offers. There are also many resources available on the internet — if you choose to add to your child’s knowledge away from schoolwork. Trying to develop a new syllabus or study material for your kid may take a lot of time, which may affect your work or other activities in your daily routine. Stick to the already prepared resources the homeschool provides for your kids.  

4) Use what’s in your house

During break periods, you can get the photo album out. Talk to the children about yourself growing up, tell them what it was like when you were younger. They can also help out in the kitchen with what they can do easily. Allow the kids to do the dishes if they’re old enough. Let them clean their room or other areas of the house you’re comfortable with. It gives you time to do one or two work-related activities.  

5) Take your child (virtually) to work

You can use this time to show your kids this part of your world. On the days when work activities aren’t intense or tedious, and your kids aren’t involved in any online learning activity, you can allow them into your work area. Show them what you’re doing and explain it to them. You can connect with your child while working.  

6) Use media for social connection

Social distancing can, indeed, be isolating. Allow the kids to reach out to their school friends or other families through video chats — especially during free time. You can also use the time to concentrate on your work or follow their suit and check in on your friends and family to ensure they’re doing okay  

In a Nutshell

In this time of MCO and social distancing, it is crucial to keep your kids engaged in schooling activities to keep their memory fresh and to ensure that they’re progressing academically. Homeschools in Selangor, Malaysia, such as Maplewood, ensure that your kids are constantly learning even if they’re away from school while affording you the time you need to concentrate on your job. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.

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